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Doctor Joel Wallach

American Longevity Rolls Out the Pet Products!

Pet Nutritionals and Natural remedies are not meant to replace qualified veterinary care for a seriously ill pet. Their primary purpose is to prevent diseases before their onset - good nutrition, vitamins and minerals are the key - and to keep small diseases from becoming serious ones. They are also a support to veterinary care and greatly increase the pet's comfort and rate of recovery.

Dr. Joel Wallach, a veterinary pathologist for 30 years has formulated vitamin and mineral supplements for all animals and more specifically for dogs, cats and birds. The pet products are manufactured under strict control to maintain the quality, purity and consistency of all ingredients. These procedures assure you the optimum in safety and reliability.

Vitamins and mineral supplementation do no require prescriptions because they are totally safe when used with common sense and are often as effective or more effective than chemical pharmaceutical drugs. They support
the body's own healing process and natural bend for wellness without trauma or increase of pain and discomfort.

 Pet Nutrition,veterinary, supplementaion.

Our cornerstone product is ArthryDex - for almost all animals. Not just for the animal with arthritic or hip problems, ArthryDex supplies the daily needed vitamins and over 70 trace elements as well. This product contains no wheat, corn, soy, salt, dairy products, artificial coloring or preservatives. Based on the animals weight, ArthryDex is easily mixed in with the daily food. ArthryDex has been used to supplement the diets of all animals from tropical birds to horses and llamas. Even Dogs and cats will love the taste!

Product #71601 - 1 lb. - $26.00

 Pet Nutrition,veterinary, supplementaion.

The second pet product now available is KittyWhizz. KittyWhizz provides the best in vitamins and mineral supplements for cats of all sizes and types. KittyWhizz will aid with obtaining and maintaining optimum health for your feline friends.

Product #70221 - 2 oz. - $19.50


To round out our line we introduce BeefyBite Treats. BeefyBite Treats is an all natural highly nutritious all meat snack for cats and
dogs. These freeze-dried treats are second only to fresh meat for nutritional value.

Product #73522 - 35 Freeze-Dried Treats - $6.50

Ingredients: USP grade beef gelatin, defatted liver, brewers yeast, humic acid. 

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (Min.)

75.0 %

Crude Fiber (Max.)

3.0 %

Crude Fat (Min.) 

15.0 %

Moisture (Max.)

5.5 %

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