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Ultimate Cal 120 Capsules

Studies have shown that Calcium Intake is essential to keep good Bone Density.Formulated for high absorption and increased uptake of calcium and magnesium. This product is an ideal supplement for these major minerals.
University studies have shown what was suspected for a long time - trace minerals are needed for optimal absorption and retention of calcium. Ultimate Cal contains the minerals that have been shown to improve the uptake of calcium. This is the choice for anyone who is concerned about getting enough calcium.

Item No: 21221 Price: $21.50
Case (4 bottles) $80.00

Anti Aging Healthy Start

 1 Cell Shield RTQ 1 Osteo fx Plus 1 EFA Plus 1 Beyond Tangy Tangerine (BTT)

Item No: 21204 Price: $153.90



Antioxidants promote cellular longevity. Resveratrol, Quercetin and Turmeric are all rich in natural antioxidants extracted from various fruits and spices. Resveratrol has become well known as the anti-aging compound, thought to be the secret ingredient of the Mediterranean diet and responsible for the French Paradox.

Cell Shield RTQ delivers a highly bioavailable, proprietary blend of three powerful antioxidants,"Resveratrol, Turmeric, and Quercetin,"for potent protection against cell-damaging free radicals. For best results, use Cell Shield RTQ as part of a full nutritional program that includes Beyond Tangy Tangerine® and Ultimate,-¢ EFA Plus,-¢

Item No: 21203 Price: $40.50

H.G.H. Youth Complex 180 Capsules

Human Growth Hormone naturally decreases with age, beginning usually when we are about 35-40 years old. Youngevity's Premium H.G.H. Youth Complex product has a proprietary blend of amino acids, minerals and sea kelp, which make a truly unique product that cannot be found elsewhere in the market!This product was truly formulated to help you "Live Younger - Longer"!

Item No: 50223 Price: $32.00

Women's Hormonal Balancer 120 Capsules

Youngevity's Women's Hormonal Balancer is designed with specific nutrients to support a healthy, balanced hormonal system in a sexually mature woman. The key youth-enhancing nutrients and chelated minerals will support your body in minimizing the hormonal swings associated with pre-menstruation and pre-menopause.

Youngevity's Women's Hormonal Balancer supports:

Normal testosterone levels
One's sense of well-being
Increased libido
Minimization of inflammation, swelling, pain and cramps associated with PMS

Item No: 50241 Price: $28.00

ProJoba Slim contains Simmondsin which has been found to be completely safe in both animal and human studies. These studies that proved this were done to according to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) standards established by the FDA for the development of new pharmaceuticals. The results of the Simmondsin toxicity studies showed that:

* There was no toxicity in an LD50 study in rats. You can view this report by clicking here. It is very detailed and informative.
* There was no toxicity in rats in a long-term study.
* And most impressive, there was no toxicity in a Human Dosing Clinical Trial.

You should be assured that the Simmondsin used in ProJoba Slim is not only an excellent weight loss product, but that it is very safe to use.

Item No: PJ204 60 Capsules Price: $39.50

Super Cell Protector 90 Capsules

50 times stronger than Vitamin E and 20 times stronger than Vitamin C, Youngevity's Super Cell Protector is the premier formulation of all grape seed extracts.
Youngevity's Super Cell Protector supports:Fat loss and muscle gain, Cholesterol profile, Cardiac output, Promotes sexual health, Promotes exercise performance, and Supports quality of sleep.

Item No: 50217 Price: $28.10

Ocean's Gold 60 Tablets

This blend supports a healthy thyroid, regular heartbeat, normal weight, mood stabilization and hormone levels.*

Suggested Use:As a dietary supplement, take (2) two caplets daily or as directed by a health care professional.

Item No: 67507 Price: $28.50

Bone Building Formula 180 Capsules

Youngevity's Bone Building Formula is a great addition to any nutritional program, whether you're an athlete or just have an active lifestyle. Bone Building Formula contains calcium, which, with regular exercise and a healthy diet, helps teen and young adult women maintain good bone health and may reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life. Bone Building Formula also contains magnesium, which is an essential mineral involved in more than 300 systems in the human body. Magnesium is another key nutrient that promotes optimal health and wellness!

Item No: 50224 Price: $22.40

Hair, Skin & Nails Formula - 60 Capsules

Do you want strong, natural nails?
Do you long for the shine and bounce of healthy hair?
Do you aspire to have smooth, glowing skin?

Youngevity's Hair, Skin & Nails Formula nourishes and strengthens your hair, skin and nails, beautifying from the inside out! This product is formulated to provide the nutrients your body needs to build and rejuvenate itself.
Item No: 50225 Price: $24.00



Ultimate Cm Plus - 90 Capsules

A target-specific exclusive formula, Ultimate CM Celadrin, now provides an opportunity for everyone approaching their thirties and beyond to finally control premature aging. It is truly possible to say goodbye to stiffness and reduced freedom of movement. What was lost can be regained with improved suppleness and flexibility. Another wonderfully exciting side benefit of Ultimate CM Plus is measurable skin improvement....and a more youthful you emerges on the outside! Ultimate CM Plus main ingredient is C
M Complex. This break through compound which includes Cetyl Myristoleate has been medically and scientifically demonstrated to promote the relief of joint and related discomfort. Make CM Plus part of your daily program.

Item No: 20985 Price: $46.00
Case (4 Bottles) $185.10



Ultimate Daily - 180 Tablets

Ultimate Daily is designed as a total nutritional supplement - vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and herbal daily formula. Broad spectrum ingredients balanced to meet our body's known vitamin and mineral needs.
This ultimate formulation is so complete and convenient it contains a full nutritional supply of vitamins, minerals,herbs, and antioxidants the body needs. This formula helps build a healthy body.
Suggested Use: 2 to 3 tablets per meal each day, or as directed by your health professional.

Item No: 21831 Price: $42.00
Case (4 Bottles) $156.00



Ultimate EFA - 60 Soft Gels

Essential fatty acids, sometimes known as Vitamin F, are a dietary essential because the body cannot produce them. Essential fatty acids give us energy, help maintain body temperature, insulate nerves, cushion and protect tissues. They are a part of every structure in your body and vital for metabolism.
Ultimate Essential Fatty Acid (E.F.A.) is a blend of Flax Seed oil and Borage oil. This is a vegetarian friendly product and is 100% organic.

Item No: 20641 Price: $20.50
Case (4 Bottles) $70.00

  Ultimate EFA Plus - 90 Soft Gels #20989

Ultimate EFA Plus is a proprietary blend of Essential Fatty Acids formulated to support the body in many ways. EFA's have ben shown to support healthy coronary function. With todays active lifestyles and less than adequate eating habits, getting enough Essential fatty acids is more important than ever.
Ultimate Essential Fatty Acid (E.F.A.) is a blend of Flax Seed oil and Borage oil. This is a vegetarian friendly product and is 100% organic.

Item No: 20989 Price: $30.50
Case (4 bottles) $115.00


Ultimate™ Multi-EFA™ - 90 Caps

Ultimate™ Multi-EFA™ is a new, smaller, easy to swallow capsule that provides you with PLANT DERIVED EFA's that are necessary for the optimal health of adults and children.

Item No: USYG102165 Price: $25.00

Ultimate Osteo-Mag - 60 Tablet

Magnesium is a major mineral essential to life, is involved in more than 300 enzyme systems in the human body. It is in most foods, but is found mostly in green leafy vegetables. The USDA says we aren't getting enough fruits and vegetables in our diet. Refined foods, which make up most of our diet, generally have the lowest magnesium content. Magnesium promotes optimal health and wellness*

Directions:One tablet, twice daily.

Item No: 21210 Price: $28.60
Case (4 bottles) $104.00
  Ultimate Enzymes - 120 Capsules

Enzymes are responsible for functions in the body such as digesting food, building bones and tissues and aiding in detoxification. Many of today's food allergies stem from the lack of certain enzymes. Joint pain and gout can be a result of undigested proteins, fats and minerals which form uric acid crystals that "get caught" in the joints. Yeast and fungal growth can start with undigested foods in the blood stream and can be compounded by white flour and sugar. Extreme fatigue may be caused by the inability to digest proteins and fats which cause blood to improperly circulate. Replenish your already taxed and depleted enzyme supply! Enzymes is formulated to support all aspects of digestion, including absorption.

Item No: 21211 Price: $24.50
Case (4 Bottles) Price: $94.00
  Ultimate Gluco Gel - 120 Capsules -240 Capsules
The Ingredients of Ultimate Gluco Gel recommended for advanced Joint Support! Combined Power of 100% Beef Gelatin. Great Treatment for Joint Problems, Arthritis. Best taken with Majestic Earth Plant Derived Colloidal Minerals! Gluco Gel is part of Doctor Wallach's
Pig Pack.

120 Capsules Item No: 21251 Price: $21.00
120 Capsule Case (4 Bottles) $78.00
240 Capsules Item No: 21252 Price: $36.00
240 Capsule Case (4 Bottles) $140.00


Ultimate Minerals Caps - 64 Capsules

Minerals have never occurred in a uniform blanket with the earth's crust. Our Ultimate Mineral Caps contain the mineral extracts from the Majestic Earth Plant Derived Minerals and are in easy to take capsules. Make sure your body is getting the minerals it needs. Try our Ultimate Mineral Caps today!Trace minerals colloidal plant derived humic shale doctor wallach american longevity.

Item No: 20691 Price: $40.00
Case (4 bottles) $156.00

Ultimate OPC-T - 60 Capsules

OPC helps repair by improving and stabilizing the skin protein collagen and improving the condition of arteries and capillaries.
OPC protects brain and nerve tissue because OPC penetrates the blood-brain barrier. OPC enhances the wellness effects of vitamin C and has been shown to be 20 times more effective than vitamin C and 50 times more effective than vitamin E as an anti-oxidant. The anti-oxidant OPC reduces tissue damage caused by free radicals. OPC has been shown to help the body to improve circulation, resist blood vessel and skin damage, mental deterioration, reduce inflammation and other damage caused by harmful free radicals. OPC may relieve the trauma and pain caused by arthritis, diabetes and stroke, and is used for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancer because of its unique role as a potent anti-oxidant and as a vitamin C "enhancer.

Item No: 20681 Price: $27.00
Case (4 Bottles) $91.50

XeraFem,Ñ¢ Hormonal Support for Women
Item #: USYG100082
XeraFem tablets supply high-quality, all-natural vitamin, mineral and botanicals that provide hormonal support for women.
Your Price:$39.00 Supplement Facts
XeraFem tablets supply all-natural, high-quality vitamins, minerals and botanicals that help promote better health and hormone production for women. This natural approach to hormonal balance helps to nutritionally restore estrogen and hormonal balance while also supporting powerful defenses against oxidative stresses of aging. XeraFem does not contain hormones.

Wholesale Price: $39.00


 XeraTest,Ñ¢ Hormonal Support for Men -60 count
Item #: USYG100081 Supplement Facts
XeraTest is an all-natural, high-quality vitamin, mineral and testosterone-supporting botanical supplement that provides hormonal support for men in an extended release tablet.
Your Price: $38.00

Wholesale Price: $38.00


Ultimate Selenium - 90 Capsules

Selenium is one of the most documented and widely studied trace elements known. Numerous studies have shown the importance of selenium supplements to the body. Lifts moods and reduces anxiety. Designed for high absorption Selenium is a strong antioxidant which is thought to protect us against the ravages of free radicals.
Selenium has been found to prevent some cancers by up to 69%! Reduced cancer deaths by 50% in a university study. Increases immune system. Found to increase some immune factors by up to 79%!

Item No: 20971 Price: $25.50
Case (4 Bottles) $94.00
  Ultimate Sweet Eze - 120 Capsules

The trace minerals chromium and vanadium have been shown to help the body metabolize glucose and regulate blood sugar levels.
Also it is well d
ocumented that both the trace minerals chromium and vanadium have dynamic and positive effects on normalizing blood sugar for both hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and diabetes (high blood sugar). Ultimate Sweet Eze is formulated to nutritionally assist the body the regulation of blood sugar levels.

Item No: 21014 Price: $24.50
Case (4 Bottles) $94.00

Supralife Sugar eze- 90 Capsules 

Sugar-Eze is formulated to promote and support optimal blood sugar levels. This proprietary formula contains chromium, which has been shown to support healthy blood sugar levels and normal glucose metabolism.* SUGGESTED USE: Take 1-2 capsules per meal or as directed by your healthcare professional. WARNING: If you are pregnant, nursing or taking medications, consult your healthcare professional before using this or any other product. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.

Item No: 82125 Price: $22.40

Slender Fx Meal Replacement Shake- Vanilla 30 Servings Item No: 21023V
Meal Replacement Shake- Chocolate 30 Servings Item No: 21023C

Vanilla 30 Servings Item No: 21023V Price: $39.00
Vanilla 30 Servings Case (4 Containers)$135.20
Chocolate 30 Servings Item No: 21023C Price: $39.00
Chocolate 30 Servings Case (4 Containers) $135.20

Ultimate Youth Powder Green Food Dietary Supplement

450 grams (0.992 pound)

With 46 powerful fruits and vegetables, including wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella, dulse, blueberry and cranberry, this fiber-rich, mineral-rich green food contains powerful antioxidants and probiotics to fortify your immune system and provide a nutrient-dense alternative for those who don't consume enough servings to meet the recommended daily values of these vitally important ingredients. That's 90% of us! Ultimate Youth allows you to give your body the nutrition it needs to function optimally, anytime!

Item No: 50197 Price: $41.30


Supralife Immu-911- 60 Capsules

Immu-911™ applies comprehensive nutritional support for the immune system. Immu-911™ contains an array of balanced, specific, targeted nutrients, such as colostrum, beta-1, 3-D glucan, mycelial mass mushrooms, astralagus, echinacea, vitamin C, zinc, and pau d'arco to support healthy immune function.* SUGGESTED USE: Take one capsule twice a day. WARNING: If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medications, consult your healthcare professional before using this or any other product. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.

Item No: 82505 Price: $30.70


This digestive enzyme blend may help with digestion, absorption, colon and good general health.*

Item No: 67502 Price: $32.50



King Calcium is important in supporting healthy bones, teeth, heart, blood pressure, hormones, headaches, sleeplessness, nerves, digestion and the colon.*

Item No: 67504 Price: $27.00



Super KB may support a healthy urinary tract including the kidneys, bladder, urethra and prostate.*

Item No: 67508 Price: $26.00


Root Beer Belly - 30ct Box

Root Beer Belly™ is a tasty probiotic sprinkle that contains 5 microencapsulated probiotic strains that will benefit your digestive and immune system.

Item No: USYG100000 Price: $34.50


 KidSprinklz Watermelon Mist - Multi-Vitamin Powder
Item #: USYG100006
KidSprinklz Watermelon Mist is a delicious powder supplement that provides kids with a variety of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and probiotics needed for healthy growth and optimal health. 30 ct. Supplement Facts
Your Price: $27.50

Wholesale Price: $27.50


 KidSprinklz Watermelon Mist - 3 pack
Item #: USYG0021
KidSprinklz Watermelon Mist is a delicious powder supplement that provides kids with a variety of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and probiotics needed for healthy growth and optimal health. 3 - 30 ct. packs
Your Price:$73.50 Supplement Facts
Like adults, kids too lead busy lives filled with school work, playgrounds, and many other activities that keep them on-the-go. KidSprinklz Watermelon Mist ensures that kids are getting the essential nutrients needed to keep them healthy and help them grow, promoting bone and tooth formation, healthy muscle growth, a healthy digestive system, and much more! Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free, and Fat-Free

Wholesale Price: $73.50


Ultimate Beyond Juice Blend - 120 capsules

Harness the goodness of more than 50 fruits and vegetables! Ultimate Beyond Juice Blend is a whole food supplement providing the naturally occurring nutrients found in fruits, vegetables, and other healthful plants, all in a convenient capsule form!

Item No: USYG103602 Price: $33.50



Ultimate CM Soft Gels contains nutrients known to stimulate joint health and comfort and taken daily, Ultimate CM Soft Gels can increase the support provided to ones joints. (60 ct).

Item No: USYG100045 Price: $37.50



All-natural sleep EZE™ is formulated with a proprietary blend of herbs (passion flower, valerian, lemon balm, chamomile and hops) and other natural substances to support a healthy, restful sleep.* DIRECTIONS: Take 2 capsules 30 minutes before bedtime, or as directed by your healthcare professional

Item No: USYG102067 Price: $35.50


Providing 13 minerals and traditional herbs, this special formula nutritionally gently promotes elimination of waste and toxin-producing bacteria, supports a healthy digestive system, and promotes optimal nutrient absorption.

Item No: 50205 Price: $16.90



**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intented to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Please contact your physician.

Majestic Earth Minerals - 32 oz.- #13203

Wholesale Price: $20.00
Majestic Earth has 7 major and 65 minor Colloidal Trace Minerals which go into instant action in your body. Majestic Earth Coloidal Minerals is nature's original, unaltered, time proven formula. It's non-toxic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. The minerals occur in naturally varying amounts measured in milligrams, PPM (parts per million) or PPB (Parts per billion) Majestic Earth is in a natural balanced form for greatest benefit, it is 98% absorbable(colloid the smallest particle) by the body. It is the only Mineral product that is 100% safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. No sweetners no additives its just the way mother nature intended it to be.